What Can We Do When PS5 Data Transfer Not Working?

You can run into the “PS5 data transfer not working” problem when attempting to move PS4 game data to your new PS5 system. How do you solve it? Here, in this text, WE reveal to you a few potential methods.

The PlayStation 5 (PS5), a well-known gaming console, is the upgrade to the PS4. The PlayStation line of consoles allows you to move game data across them. When you possess a new PS5 console but still want to save the game data on your old console, it is practical and beneficial.

When transferring data between a PS4 and a PS5, you can, however, encounter the “PS5 data transfer not working” issue. An error occurred on data transfer via a network, together with the error code CE-112069-9, will be displayed once the problem manifests.

Do you want to know how to fix the problem? Use the strategies listed below.

Method 1: Test the Internet Connection

An unreliable Internet connection may be the root cause of the “PS5 data transmission not working” problem. Therefore, if you encounter the error, it is advised that you check your Internet connection on your PS5.

Step 1: On your PS5 console’s home screen, select Settings.

Step 2: Click Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection to check the status of your network connection.

If there are any issues with your Internet, you may try rebooting the router to fix the error CE-112069-9 and enhance your Internet connection.

Method 2: Use a Wired Internet Connection

If the “PS5 data transfer not working” issue arises while you are using the same wireless Internet connection for your PS4 and PS5, you can try using an Ethernet cable in its place. You can carry on transferring your PS4 data if everything turns out to be fine.

But if the mistake persists, you must use the following strategy.

Method 3: Retry Data Transfer

Retry the data transfer to see if the procedure can be completed successfully if you are certain that the Internet connection is functioning flawlessly.

Step 1: From the home screen, choose the Settings menu.

Step 2: Select Data Transfer under System > System Software.

Step 3: The mistake might already be fixed, allowing you to finish the procedure.

You can then enjoy PS4 data on your PS5 system by restarting your console.

Method 4: Try Different Ways to Transfer Data

By transferring the saved data from your old PS4 to your new PS5 via a storage device, such as an online storage account or a USB flash drive, you can also try to prevent the “PS5 data transfer not working” problem.

You can click here to get more specific instructions on how to complete the data transfer using a different method.

Method 5: Factory Reset Your Console

The error code CE-112069-9 can occasionally also arise if your PS5 console has any unidentified bugs. In this situation, a factory reset of your console might help you get rid of the issue.

Connect a USB disc that is compatible with your PS5 console in step 1.

Step 2: From the home screen, choose Settings. then select System > System Software > Back Up and Restore > Back Up Your PS5 from the menu.

Step 3: Pick the information you wish to backup, then follow the on-screen directions to complete the backup.

Step 4: Your console will restart automatically after you back it up. Reset your console by going back to Settings and selecting System > System Software > Reset Options.

Reset your PS5 to its factory settings in step five.

Be patient and wait till the procedure is complete. If the problem code still appears, attempt the data transfer again after restarting your console.

Method 6: Contact PlayStation Support

You can get more help from PlayStation Support if the aforementioned fixes don’t work to fix the issue. They might provide you more technical solutions.

You can attempt the solutions listed in this post to fix the “PS5 data transfer not working” problem. You can leave a remark in the space provided below if you experience any issues with the error.

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What Can We Do When PS5 Data Transfer Not Working FAQ:

How do I resume data transfers on PS5?

Turn on your PS4 console and PS5 console and connect them to the same network using WiFi or LAN cables. On your PS5 console, go to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer > Continue.

Why is my PS5 taking so long to transfer?

If you’re setting up a brand new PS5 for the first time, you’ll be prompted to transfer your data during the setup process. However, you can skip this step initially and transfer data later on. Depending on the data size, this transfer may take several hours.

What happens if I turn off PS4 while transferring data?

If it’s not the first time you are using the system go to Settings > System > Transfer Data from Another PS4 and follow the on-screen instructions. Do not turn off either PS4 system while transferring data. Doing this may damage your system.

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