How to Charge the PS5 Controller

The recently introduced Sony PlayStation 5 offers a few intriguing features. We won’t linger too long on the PS5’s features.

We’ll speak more, though, about charging the PS5 controller.

How Do You Charge the PS5 Controller?

The USB-C cable that comes with the PS5 controller can be used to charge it, as well as any other USB-C cable that you might have for other equipment. The quickest way to charge your PS5 controller is to use the docking station that comes with it.

Continue reading to learn how to fully charge your PS5 controller in order to maximise your gaming experience.

Charging Using A USB-C

Utilize the cable that the manufacturer provides.

The USB-C cable that the manufacturer supplies can be used to charge the PS5 controller.

Because it is flat, you must grip it securely to make sure the connection is secure.

Please make sure to unplug your PS5 when charging is complete because it will need some time to complete the charge. Additionally, be sure to reconnect your USB cord before powering up once again. This will guarantee that charging begins properly and prevent you from having a dead controller.

Use an Android Phone Charger

You may use the charger from your Android phone to recharge your PS5 controller.

However, there are claims that this strategy is ineffective because there are instances where charging is inconsistent.

Using a Docking Station

The best way to charge your PS5 controller is with the dock station that connects via USB; you must plug this dock station into the wall to use it.

There is no need to worry about the controllers slipping off because the docking station makes sure they are organised and secure.

Additionally, it features a light on top that will illuminate your space while you play in low light; this is very useful for those who play at night.

How To Use The Docking Station

Several PS5 controllers can be charged at once with the docking station. However, there are several things you need to be aware of.

Make sure the cords are all connected properly

A USB cable can be used to connect the PS5 controller. The charging station is also connected by a different Cord, though.

Instead of plugging directly into the controller, this cord needs to be linked to the charging station.

Make sure each PS5 controller has its own cord if you want to avoid your controller overheating and charging issues if you set up multiple controllers simultaneously using just one cord.

Verify the USB port’s functionality.

You must make sure your docking station operates effectively. Here are some actions you can take:

  1. Start your PC, connect a PS5 controller via USB, and operate it. Wait till the loading is complete. Release all of the buttons. Check the controller’s charging status now. If it isn’t charging, there might be a problem with your computer’s USB port; in that case, you should seek assistance from a professional.
  2. Try connecting your PlayStation 5 controller to your TV now. Check to see if the ports on your TV are functioning properly if it isn’t charging. Ensure that you inspect the USB ports and not the HDMI ports because they have separate functions.
    If they don’t work, get in touch with a professional to handle this issue for you.
  3. Additionally, you can use USB to connect your PS5 controller to a computer or laptop. On your computer or laptop, you would need to download drivers, and then you would need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make sure you don’t charge them too much; minimal charging is enough.

For safety concerns, each PS5 controller contains a battery that must be constantly charged and a mechanism that will alert you if it becomes too hot.

You are responsible for charging the controllers properly in order to avoid damaging them because the charging station doubles as a charger and monitors temperature.

Charge them at home

You can keep the controllers close by whenever you wish to play because they are safe (barring the possibility that they lack a cord that connects to a PS5 system) and can be charged at home.

Before attaching them to your console, give them some time to charge.

Charge them when not in use

Even when not in use, you should still charge your PS5 controllers to keep them in good working order and to guarantee that they are always available for usage.

PS5 controller

How to Charge the PS5 Controller Using a PC?

Here are some things to be aware of if you wish to use your computer to charge PS5 controllers.

There is no requirement for additional gear or software, and you can simultaneously charge several devices.

Use a USB Power Cable for Input

There are many solutions that let you charge the controllers and various devices all at once.

You may charge the PS5 controller with your computer or laptop using a USB power cable.

If there are any problems, it would still be your responsibility to unplug it from your computer before shutting it off.

Use the USB Ports on your PC

You can easily charge your controllers using the USB ports on your computer.

Only a cable would be required for this. You must, however, make sure that the charging station is being refilled. For this, you can:

  • If the Power Indicator Light is ON, the controller is charging; otherwise, check if it is OFF.
  • Verify whether the USB port light is on or off. If it is ON, there is power present at the source. You must still verify that your USB ports are functional, as they might not be providing power to your device.


So now that you are aware of how to charge your PS5 controller, it is time to purchase a docking station and maintain the condition of your controllers.

Don’t charge it for too long or you risk damaging the battery.

How to Charge the PS5 Controller FAQ:

How long does it take for the PS5 controller to charge?

A: There is no precise response that can tell you how long charging will take. 

You must inspect the LED charging light. 

The controller is charging if it is gleaming, but it will take some time before it is fully charged.

Is the PS5 controller compatible with other accessories?

A: Yes, the PS5 controller works with all other add-ons, including headsets and PC games.

Do I need to charge my PS5 controller before using it?

A: It is strongly advised that you charge your PS5 controller for a day or two if you wish to use it. However, you should always have your PS5 controller charged and prepared for use anytime you wish to play in order to keep it in good condition.

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