Can You Use Bose Headphones On PS4

The PS4 is one of the most well-liked gaming consoles, and Bose headphones are also well-liked. However, are Bose headphones compatible with a PS4?

Through Bluetooth, Bose headphones may be linked to the PS4 gaming console. Frequent gamers prefer the noise-cancelling features. Bose BlueTooth headphones come with either integrated or separate boom microphones, but if you’d prefer, you may also buy a higher-quality alternative.

It is simple to use a PS4 gaming console and Bose headphones together. Simply connect them properly is all that is required. To learn how to do this, continue reading.


Can You Use Bose Headphones With A PS4?

A PS4 can be used with Bose headphones. The majority of gamers favour Bose headphones because of their high-quality audio and noise-cancelling features.

Because of the characteristics that Bose headphones offer, frequent gamers choose to utilise them. The Bose headphones’ Quiet Mode and Aware Mode are two popular features. When you activate Quiet Mode, all background noise is muffled so that all you can hear is your music or gaming sounds.

Although you can still hear some background noises when the headphones are in Aware Mode, you will still be able to hear the sounds of your game.

The majority of Bose headphones are wireless and utilise Bluetooth to connect to various devices. Bluetooth is supported by the PS4, therefore Bose headphones can be connected to a PS4.

You are in luck if you want to interact with other gamers while playing a game on your PS4. The majority of Bose headphones, particularly wireless models, come with in-built, excellent microphones.

You will need to buy an inline microphone and utilise a QC25 or QC35 cable to connect the devices if you have previously used your Bose headphones and want to use a higher-quality microphone.

How to Connect Bose Headphones to PS4

It is easy to connect Bose headphones to your PS4 through Bluetooth. All you have to do is:

  1. Make sure the PS4 is in pairing mode and the Bose headphones are turned on.
  2. Access the PS4 settings.
  3. Select Devices.
  4. Then select Bluetooth Devices. The PS4 will then look for any Bluetooth devices that are accessible.
  5. To complete linking the two devices, click on the Bose headphones button.

To attach Bluetooth speakers to your PS4, use the same procedures.

The connection status of various Bluetooth devices will be available in the PS4’s Bluetooth settings. You can start playing your games after you see that your Bose headphones are “Connected.” In the microphone settings on your PS4, you can test the microphone on your Bose headphones.

Disconnect any Bluetooth devices that are paired with your PS4 or the headphones if you are having trouble getting them to connect to your Bose headphones. For instance, if your Bose headphones are connected to your phone and the connection is busy, they are unable to connect to your PS4.

Turn Bluetooth devices off if it still doesn’t allow your PS4 and Bose headphones to connect. Restart the pairing process after you’ve given them a chance to reset. This should resolve the problem.

The best Bose headphones for PS4

Any Bose headphones you own will be great for gaming because they have great sound and most of them are noise-canceling, but one stands out: the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset.

One of Bose’s only gaming headsets is the QuietComfort 35 Series 2 model. While the majority of Bose headphones feature built-in microphones, these over-the-ear headphones have a boom microphone that connects to them. You can use this gaming headset as regular headphones when you’re not playing because it is detachable. You can choose the side you prefer by placing the detachable boom mic in the bottom of either the left or right ear cover.

Costing $329 is the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset. You won’t have to stop gaming to give your ears a break because they are durable and comfy to wear. You can fully concentrate on the game because they are noise-canceling.

Purchase the QuietComfort 45 Noise Cancelling Smart Headphones or the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 if you don’t want a gaming headset but still want to use Bose headphones with your PS4. Both of them contain in-built microphones that block out surrounding noise.

If you don’t like wearing over-the-ear headphones, Bose also makes high-quality earbuds. Depending on your budget and personal tastes, you’ll choose a different pair of headphones. In order to choose the ideal pair, you may test out Bose headphones at most retailers.

Although they are made by separate firms, the PS4 and Bose headphones are compatible.

Both Bose and Sony want a wide range of people to use their products. Sony is aware of how crucial gaming headphones are to players. The majority of gamers won’t invest in a gaming system if their gaming headphones aren’t compatible with it. The same holds true for gaming consoles and headphones.


Bose headphones and the PS4 are compatible because people get annoyed when their products can’t connect to other devices they own. Bose Bluetooth headphones may be connected to both the PS3 and PS5. The PS4 does offer a headphone jack that you can use in place of Bluetooth Bose headphones if you don’t have any.

Many people enjoy playing games on the PS4, which is a good gaming machine. A good gaming experience requires the employment of two excellent systems.

To connect Bose headphones to a PS4 game console, not much needs to be done. This indicates that connecting your headphones is worthwhile even if you simply play video games for 30 to 60 minutes.

When the PS4 is turned on and the headphones are within range after the first pairing, the headphones will automatically connect. You can connect them via Bluetooth settings if they don’t immediately connect.

Can You Use Bose Headphones On PS4 FAQ:

Can you use Bose 700 with PS4?

For wired gaming, the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 work well. They can be connected to your Xbox or PlayStation controller, but you can only listen to audio, making it impossible to talk to your teammates.

What Bluetooth headphones are supported by PS4?

Best wireless gaming headsets for the PlayStation 4:

  • Kingston’s HyperX Cloud II Wireless. 7.7. Price check Pros and cons.
  • By SteelSeries, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless. 8.1. Check the cost Pros and cons.
  • Arctis 7+ Wireless by SteelSeries. 7.6. From SteelSeries. Get pricing Pros and cons.
  • Sony INZONE H9, manufactured by Sony.
  • By Razer. 7.7. Razer Barracuda X (2022).

Why does my PS4 not support Bluetooth headset?

You must ensure that your Bluetooth headphones are compatible with the PS4 because the majority of ordinary Bluetooth headphones are not. To connect to your PS4, some Bluetooth headphones come with a unique dongle that you must put into the controller or console.

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