Do PS5 Controllers Have Serial Numbers?

Nowadays, it seems like almost every electrical equipment has a serial number.

Similar to how we have social security numbers, in a way.

This allows you to track your device and identify it as being yours.

There are several adjustments to consider now that the PlayStation 5 is generally available.

You might not immediately recognise this as a PlayStation if you owned a PS3 or PS4.

Its UI is unique compared to anything we have previously seen from Sony and unquestionably exudes a trendier vibe.

The first thing you might be tempted to do after purchasing a PS5 is to set it up and start playing video games for hours.

But you should start by gathering a pen and paper and writing down each serial number.

Okay, but where are these serial numbers located, you ask?

I’ll tell you, though. You should keep this 17-digit number handy in case you ever need to get in touch with PlayStation Consumer Services.

The console’s serial number can also be found on the device itself, near the bottom of the console, as well as on the original packing.

How about the controllers, though? Exists a unique serial number for each Dual Sense controller?

If so, where can I find their serial numbers? Should you make a note of those as well, just in case? I’ll explain how to locate the serial numbers for the PS5 and its controllers now.

Do PS5 Controllers Have Serial Numbers?

There is a unique serial number for every PS5 Dual Sense controller. On the back of this wireless controller, immediately below the QR code, is the serial number. This number’s 17 alphanumeric characters will be familiar to you.

On the PS5 and its controllers, where are the serial numbers located? Why may you want to be aware of them?

How do you distinguish between the Dual Sense controllers that came with your PS5 and those that were a “extra”?

Can you track a stolen PS5 controller using the serial number? Can a fake Dual Sense controller be distinguished by its serial number?

Continue reading to discover more about the PS5’s Dual Sense controllers’ serial numbers.

Where is the Dual Sense Controller’s serial number located?

The 17 alphanumeric letters of your Dual Sense controller’s serial number make it simple for you to distinguish.

On the back of the controller, it is underneath the QR code.

Along with the PS5 console’s serial number, it should also be printed on the original package (which can be found on the bottom of the console).

Why do I need to know the serial number?

You can contact PlayStation Consumer Services if your console and/or controller are ever stolen or misplaced.

In order to start tracking on their end, the customer service agent will ask you for the serial numbers.

To your benefit, be prepared to provide them with this information.

How can I tell my controllers apart?

By examining their serial numbers, you can distinguish between your controllers.

Each one will be identified by a special number.

Of course, you could just use stickers to distinguish each one from the others.

Can I track a stolen Dual Sense controller using the serial number?

You should utilise the serial number for the console as well as the serial numbers from your controllers to monitor each piece that has been stolen because thieves like to take the entire console.

You must report the theft to the police and open a complaint with Sony Consumer Services, giving them both all necessary details regarding the theft and the stolen items.

Can I recognise a fake Dual Sense controller using the serial number?

You may check to see whether you have a counterfeit Dual Sense controller and a PS5 as well (yes, they are out there).

Taking the controller’s back off is one of the easiest methods to distinguish between the two.

You’ll probably notice a change in the battery because fakes frequently employ lower-powered, less expensive batteries.

The serial numbers may also be able to tell you something because they might not have all 17 digits.

Reasons to Record Your Serial Numbers

Knowing the serial numbers of your pricey electronic items is crucial.

If your devices are ever stolen or destroyed in a natural disaster, writing them down and keeping them someplace safe (like inside a locked box) can come in handy.

You will need to supply these serial numbers so that the devices can be tracked when you want to make a police report, an insurance claim, or open a lost/stolen device case with Sony.

If someone takes your PS5 and its controllers and logs in from somewhere else using them, Sony will be able to find them.

They won’t be able to do more, though, since that will be up to your local law enforcement, who will need a warrant to enter and recover your stolen items.

Closing Thoughts

Every PlayStation and PS accessory developed by Sony will have a distinct serial number to aid in identification.

You should write down the serial numbers somewhere safe because they might be used to locate stolen consoles and accessories.

You can never be too sure when you’ll need them.

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Do PS5 Controllers Have Serial Numbers FAQ:

How long is PS5 controller warranty?

365 days
For a year after the original purchase date (“original purchase date”), Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (“SIE”) warrants to the original purchaser (“you”) that the PS5 hardware, including any accessories included in the retail box with this hardware (“Product”), will be free from material defects in material and workmanship.

Does every PS5 controller have warranty?

This covers any flaws that existed before to the console’s acquisition as well as possible retailer mistakes. Any accessories that were included with the original PS5 purchase are likewise covered by the guarantee. This includes any cords or the DualSense controller that comes with a new PS5, which you can purchase on Amazon.

How often should you replace PS5 controller?

The lifespan of clicking in the sticks is only predicted to be 500,000 cycles. According to extensive testing with Call of Duty: Warzone, the DualSense can play for over 417 hours before the sticks need to be replaced, a difficult undertaking for many players.

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