Can You Use A PS4 Controller On An Xbox One?

The cost of video game system controllers has increased significantly.

Every time new features were added to the controllers, they gradually evolved into standalone technological marvels.

Button pressure sensitivity, tilt sensors, two joysticks, a directional pad, four right thumb buttons, two triggers, two bumper triggers, a “menu” button, an “options”/”share” button, and ergonomic design are all features shared by the PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

PS4 controller

Can You Use A PS4 Controller On An Xbox One?

Despite their many similarities, the controllers for the PS4 and Xbox One are not interchangeable. Although the PS4 and Xbox One use distinct pairing mechanisms to obtain low latency controls, both controllers may pair and function on a PC.

In addition to the varying pairing requirements, the controllers’ internal component configurations necessitate the usage of particular drivers (software instructions) for the console to communicate with the controller.

The PS4 controller may thus be associated with devices running Android, iOS, macOS, PC, and PS4.

The Xbox One Controller may be connected to Xbox One, Android, iOS, macOS, and PC.

The more open nature of operating systems used for tablets, smartphones, and computers is the reason why they appear to have been built to function with everything but competing home consoles.

A spare PS4 controller won’t work if you require a new controller or simply another one for your Xbox One.

You’ll need a controller designed especially for Xbox One gaming consoles.

Some games allow the use of a mouse and keyboard as an alternative.

Who knows, you might discover that a mouse and keyboard are your ideal arrangement.

In the event that your Xbox controller breaks, it’s also an excellent fallback since most people have a keyboard and mouse at home.

No matter what, your PS4 controller won’t function with your Xbox One. Don’t just throw it out.

Even if you don’t play PS4 as frequently as you once did, you may discover that having your PS4 controller handy for connecting with a computer, smartphone, or tablet in the future opens up a variety of interesting opportunities.

What Controllers Do Work On Xbox One?

There are other options if you simply don’t like the basic design and functionality of the Xbox One controller.

As was previously said, the PS4 controller was not included.

But don’t be concerned.

There are still a lot of choices available.

You might be able to locate one that works for you even if none of them have the same same form factor as the PS4 controller.

The following is a short list of Xbox One controller alternatives:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Xbox Design Lab Custom Wireless Controller
  • Razer Wolverine Wired Gaming Controller
  • Turtle beach Recon Wired Controller
  • Logitech G920 Driving Wheel and Pedals
  • RIG Pro Controller
  • Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight
  • Thrustmaster Ferrari 458
  • Power A Fusion Pro
  • Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller
  • Razer Dragon Ball FighterZ Atrox Arcade Stick
  • Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

Other controllers are also compatible.

On the first page of a short search on Amazon, there are around five additional results.

When looking for a controller, it might be challenging to know exactly what you want.

I like to stay with the traditional styles, even choosing the Xbox Core controller over the PS4 controller. My larger hands are the key factor.

Although the PS4 controller is quite stylish, at times it might be challenging to hold.

I can grasp the Xbox One controller more easily because of the larger ‘V’ design.

The Razer Wolverine is the controller that comes closest to the shape and slimness of the PS4 controller on the list if you’re searching for one to use with your Xbox One.

Although it is a little bit thinner than the standard Xbox controller, it still has the same general shape.

If your Xbox One controller needs to be upgraded, you might want to visit a GameStop nearby and pick one up.

The structure is more ergonomic and slightly more compact.

A USB mouse and keyboard can be used with the Xbox One, as an aside.

Many Xbox games can be played with this setup, though not all of them.

Some games are significantly more enjoyable when played with a mouse and keyboard because that is how they were intended to be played.

If you enjoy first-person shooters, you might even discover that the precision of a mouse outperforms the speed of a thumbstick.

PS4 controller

What Can I Pair My PS4 Controller To?

You probably want to know what you can pair your PS4 controller to now that I’ve made it abundantly clear that it won’t work with your Xbox One.

You may already be aware that the PS4 controller can connect to other devices through Bluetooth.

By putting your PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller into Bluetooth pairing mode, you can connect it to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Use the PS button on your controller to start this process.

Hold the PS button and the “Share” button to the left of the touchpad until the light bar flashes.

The pairing mode for your Dualshock 4 controller should now be active.

You may now connect controllers from devices other than your PlayStation 4 to play games or simply use as a remote control.

A brief list of platforms that support the PlayStation DualShock 4 controller is provided below:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • tvOS
  • ChromeOS

These operating systems are used by millions of devices, including Chromebooks, tablets, phones, complete desktop computers, and smart TVs.

As you might know, every operating system offers at least a modest selection of games.

Indie games and emulators are frequently supported by operating systems with open content stores.

You can link your PS4 controller with a different device and stream Xbox games to that screen using either the Xbox App console streaming feature or GamePass cloud gaming if you wish to use this option to get around the issues pairing your PS4 controller to your Xbox One.

Playing Xbox games with a PlayStation controller requires doing it this manner only.

Can I Use An Xbox One Controller On My PS4/PS5?

The Xbox core controller is not compatible with the PS4 or the upcoming PS5, just as a PS4 controller is not compatible with the Xbox One.

Although the Xbox One controller has Bluetooth connectivity, the PS4 does not support it with drivers.

It’s hard to hold Sony or Microsoft accountable for not devoting resources to supporting products made by rival companies.

Although it might be argued that the excuse of software drivers is simply “political” from a business standpoint given that both the PS4 and Xbox One controllers are supported by Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS, and even tvOS.

The difference might be caused more by a business conflict than a technical barrier.

In either case, it’s unlikely that Microsoft and Sony will put aside their differences and collaborate.

You’ll have to make up with the compatibility that is currently offered, but you may always develop your own controller to work on any system independent of business relationships or geopolitical allegiances.

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Can You Use A PS4 Controller On An Xbox One FAQ:

What controllers can you use on Xbox One?

  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth or USB connection) …
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 1 (USB connection only)
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 (Bluetooth or USB connection) …
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller (Bluetooth or USB connection)

Can you use other controller on Xbox One?

If you have a brand-new Xbox One, purchase a few extra controllers to share the fun with your friends and family. On a single Xbox One console, up to eight controllers can be connected. There is a gamer party there just waiting to happen.

Are Xbox and PS controllers the same?

The Xbox controller’s form seems significantly larger and bulkier in your hand. The handle components of PlayStation controllers are smaller and rounder, and they have a somewhat different design. The buttons and controls are different, in addition to the size and shape!

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