What Audio Format Is Best For PS4?

When you’re playing a game, the audio is almost as crucial as the on-screen graphics.

I mean, if the audio quality is bad, how are you expected to feel engrossed in the game?

When the sound quality is subpar, it is difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy gameplay.

With the new PS5, you have a lot of options when it comes to the sound quality of your console because it may employ PCM, Bitstream (DTS), or Dolby Digital.

You can only choose between PCM and Bitstream on the PS4.

Dolby Digital is a fantastic choice, but the PS4 doesn’t have access to it.

Furthermore, it might not even be the PS5’s best choice.

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What Audio Format Is Best For PS4?

PCM is the ideal audio format to utilise with the PS4. It doesn’t require any further processing, and the audio is not compressed. Dolby Digital and DTS are both compressed and call for further processing. If you choose DTS as your default, you will need a TOSLINK, whereas PCM will get sound straight from your console.

On most gaming consoles, PCM is the default audio setting.

This is due to the fact that it uses uncompressed audio that is taken straight from the console.

Most contemporary sound systems currently handle 5.1 or 7.1 signals, which you may use with linear PCM.

While other audio formats (like DTS) could be more suitable for streaming Netflix shows or watching movies, a demanding game on the PS4 or PS5 may suffer from lowered sound quality from such compressed codecs.

Contrary to PCM.

I’d want to use a few of your valuable gaming moments (and mine) to explain what PCM, DTS, and Dolby Digital are, how they differ, and why PCM will work best for gaming on the console.

What are the two audio formats available on PS4?

The Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) setting, which is the default audio setting, and Bitstream are both options for the PS4 (also referred to as DTS).

Most audio players on the market today support PCM.

However, before attempting to switch the default to DTS, make sure your TV and sound system supports it. Some TVs and sound systems do not.

The PS4 does not support Dolby Digital.

It is a choice for the much more recent PS5, though, which debuted in November 2020 and offers numerous audio and visual improvements.

What is PCM, and why is it the best audio format for the PS4?

The common format for transforming analogue audio into digital audio is PCM.

Any PCM audio track that is recorded on a DVD, for instance, is a two-channel digital stereo audio track.

In fact, PCM will lessen the lag you feel while playing intensive video games in addition to handling those situations properly.

PCM isn’t compressed, and it doesn’t need any further processing that can degrade the sound quality.

There isn’t much distortion when you take sound directly from the console.

Is DTS worth trying out as a default on the PS4?

DTS won’t be the ideal option for audio settings if you’re playing a game with lots of graphics and sound.

Why? It’s straightforward: Your receiver must decode the audio files, which reduces the quality of the sound you will hear.

Compared to using PCM as your default, you’ll likely hear more sound latency.

It will take more time for your receiver to decode and send the sound to your speakers.

With PCM, your console will just perform the work for you, making it faster and more effective for gaming.

Does PCM work well for watching movies on the PS4?

On your PS4, PCM does function adequately for watching movies. You can get good sound quality if you have a surround sound system set up.

It shouldn’t be a problem at all as the majority of these systems feature 5.1 and 7.1 signals that are supported by the PCM audio standard.

The use of DTS in movies has various advantages.

Compared to digital optical or coaxial signals, the 5.1 signal may provide better audio quality.

Unfortunately, this lowers the quality of DTS’s auxiliary audio by a few notches. This increases the receiver’s stress level as well.

PCM vs Bitstream: Which one is better overall?

Generally speaking, PCM is preferable whether you’re using your PS4 to play video games or watch television or a movie.

Almost all audio players now available on the market, including PS4 and PS5, are compatible with PCM. Since the console only decodes the audio files before sending them to the receiver, there is less load on the device.

Less latency and better sound quality are the results.

One drawback of PCM is that by letting the PS4 determine the sound quality, it may impose some load on the device.

This adds to the workload for the processor on your console.

Do other gaming consoles support PCM and DTS?

The majority of video game systems, such the PS4 and XBox Series X, support both PCM and DTS. The default will be PCM, but you can change it to DTS if you choose.

Additionally, more recent consoles like the PS5 support Dolby Digital.

Once more, Dolby Digital usage will mostly rely on how you operate your system.

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Closing Thoughts

It’s crucial to consider how much strain you’ll be putting on your processor and receiver when choosing an audio format for your PS4.

You may notice additional latency in the game when you put a lot of strain on the receiver.

For their gaming purposes, most players prefer to continue with PCM.

What Audio Format Is Best For PS4 FAQ:

Is linear PCM or Bitstream better?

In regards of quality, Bitstream format is not superior to PCM. The PCM data was obtained through the Bitstream programme. There is one benefit to delivering PCM over Bitstream besides sound quality: supplementary audio.

Should I set audio to PCM?

Identify the optimal HDMI Input Audio Format.

“Pulse-code modulation” is referred to as PCM. If the sound from the external device you’ve attached to the HDMI port has already been processed and you only want it to play through your TV speakers, use this setting.

Should I use PCM or passthrough?

We can conclude from the explanation of PCM vs. Passthrough that Passthrough technology is favoured in home theatre landscape layouts and is superior than PCM in terms of sound quality and usability. However, PCM technology is superior in its ability to manage numerous audio channels and transform analogue sound into digital.

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