Can a Stolen PlayStation Be Tracked?

Your PlayStation is more than just a video game system; it’s a method for you to unwind, express yourself, and have fun.

Your biggest nightmare comes true if your PlayStation is taken.

Additionally, nightmares are real.

Perhaps your enraged ex stole your PS4 and left.

Perhaps a thief broke in and stole it along with other costly and priceless personal belongings.

Whatever the situation, you need your console back badly.

A brand-new PlayStation console shouldn’t cost you several hundred dollars.

It is an issue of principle for you even if you have the money.

All the hours and hours of games you’ve played are stored on your PS, along with priceless memories.

What should you do right away if your PlayStation is stolen?

You can also see if this theft is protected by your renter’s or home owner’s insurance policy.

That information is common knowledge and may eventually turn out to be useful.

But how could your console be located and retrieved?

Can a stolen PS5 be stopped?

Do PlayStations have built-in tracking features like cell phones do?

You may take a few precautions right away to help safeguard your PlayStation console.

Now, let’s discuss what they are.

Can a Stolen PlayStation Be Tracked?

Sony can assist you in locating a lost PlayStation console. You must obtain your PS4’s MAC address from your router, get in touch with Sony’s customer care, and then have the investigating officer get in touch with Sony. The IP address will enable Sony to locate your PS the next time it checks in online, and given that a warrant has been filed, the police should be able to enter and take the console out.

I am aware that this procedure seems quite difficult, and it is undoubtedly stressful.

Allow me to share with you how to have your stolen PlayStation tracked down and returned as Redditors have been debating it in-depth for years and sharing what they’ve learnt.

As you will soon find out, it is entirely possible!

Contact the Police and File a Report

Here, making contact with local law enforcement and submitting a police report is the most crucial initial step.

Once the console is located, the cops will be authorised to enter and recover it; we’ll talk more about it later.

The officer in charge will provide you with an incident number that you can use to make a claim for the break-in and theft with your renter’s or home owner’s insurance.

When contacting Sony to open a case, you might also need to provide them with this number.

Once more, more on it in a moment.

Get Your PS MAC Address From Your Router

The PS MAC address can be obtained from your router as the next step.

You must: in order to accomplish this on a PS4:

  • Go to Settings from the main menu.
  • Select System towards the bottom of the page as you scroll down. After that, click System Information.
  • The MAC addresses for both LAN (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi can be found here.

Make sure to record the MAC address.

Contact Sony’s Customer Support

Once you have the MAC address, get in touch with Sony customer service.

Sony will want the MAC address once you have submitted a police report so they may mark the PlayStation as stolen on their end.

Sony will get to work attempting to find the console as soon as you provide them with the MAC address and incident number from your police report.

As a result, you must play the waiting game while crossing your fingers that someone will choose to log in from their PlayStation.

Contact the Officer Handling Your Case

It is imperative that you inform the police officer in charge of your case that you have spoken with Sony and that they have reported the console as stolen.

Give them every piece of information you provided to Sony.

Give Sony the incident case number and ask the officer to get in touch with Sony.

Additionally, request that the officer instruct Sony to get in touch with him or her as soon as they notice someone logging into your PlayStation.

How Sony Tracks Based On IP Address

When someone signs in using this console, Sony can utilise the IP address to find your stolen PlayStation.

Once someone signs in, Sony will record all the information and submit it to the investigating officer in your case, who will then need to ask a judge for a warrant to enter and remove the console from its location.

Police Retrieval and Returning the PlayStation

Police are able to enter the site where the gadget was pinging after the court approves the warrant.

They might even be able to apprehend individuals responsible for the robbery while also recovering your stolen things.

The police will most likely need a few weeks to record the evidence, handle any crime scene processing, and allow you to get your cherished PlayStation.

After that, you can unwind and resume playing your favourite games. Huzzah!

Closing Thoughts

Sony is aware that gaming consoles are among the products that are most frequently stolen.

Because they may either sell the systems for a quick profit or use them for their personal gaming needs, thieves are always eager to get their hands on a new or gently used PS4 or PS5.

Sony and the police can retrieve the gadget using a system that is in place.

Now that you are aware of how a stolen PlayStation can be located, get to work filling out the police complaint and getting in touch with Sony with the pertinent information.

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Can a Stolen PlayStation Be Tracked FAQ:

Can you tell if a PlayStation is stolen?

Can a PS4’s serial number be used to trace it? No, you can’t track it like you can a computer or phone. Contact Sony and provide them the PS4’s MAC address and serial number. When your PS4 is online, Sony will flag it and give the police the IP address of the device.

Can you track a PlayStation purchase?

Check the options, tracking, and progress of a single order. Even after you have gotten the shipping confirmation email, the tracking link may not appear for up to 48 hours. To change your shipping and payment information, you must be signed in if you weren’t already when you placed your order.

Can you track a console?

Unfortunately you cannot track it yourself, because of IP address relays ect… you lack the tools. But the police can. if you have registered your xbox that was stolen then you can ask Microsoft to console ban it assuming that your serial number is listed on the registry.

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