There is a way to get DriveClub on the PlayStation 5: This Is How

A cult favourite racing game called DriveClub was made available on the PlayStation 4 in 2014. And even though the game was taken off the PlayStation Store in 2020, its user base has remained surprisingly robust ever since. So, can the PlayStation 5 be used to play this game?

DriveClub is playable on a PS5 with either a physical copy or a PSN account that has the game’s digital download on it. DriveClub is not PS5-optimized, meaning it will still run at the PS4-standard 30 frames per second in 1080p, but it will load significantly faster.

So there is still hope if you want to play DriveClub on your PS5. We’ll examine how to play DriveClub on PS5, how it functions on the system, why it was removed from the PSN Store, and how to obtain a copy of this timeless title.

Is DriveClub Available on PS5?

The PlayStation 5 (available on Amazon) is backwards compatible with all PS4 games, including the PlayStation 4 exclusive DriveClub. Many people will draw the obvious conclusion that you can buy and play DriveClub on a PS5 based on this line of reasoning.

The Playstation Store has removed DriveClub from its list of available games, which is the fundamental issue.

Fortunately, there are a few remedies for this, which we’ll go over in greater detail below. DriveClub can therefore be played on the Playstation 5.

DriveClub, however, is not designed for use on the PlayStation 5, as it was taken off the market before the console’s launch.

DriveClub does not support 1440p resolution on PS5; instead, it plays at the standard 1080p resolution on PS4. Another significant problem is that most players become accustomed to games operating at 60 frames per second when using a PS5. DriveClub maintains a constant frame rate of 30 even when playing on the PS5.

This is as a result of the creators’ decision to cap the maximum framerate at 30 frames per second in order to improve PS4 performance. The only advantage of playing DriveClub on a PS5 is the game’s significantly faster load times compared to the PS4 version.

Why Isn’t DriveClub Available for Purchase?

DriveClub, as we already mentioned, is regrettably no longer a PlayStation Store exclusive. Neither Sony nor the creators of DriveClub have provided a justification in detail. There are, however, a few widely accepted hypotheses regarding the situation.

The most prevalent theories contend that the game’s licences having expired, it was removed from the PlayStation Store. The soundtrack to DriveClub contains a lot of licenced music, and when those licences expire, the game can no longer be distributed.

Another hypothesis is that the game’s vehicle permits were invalid. DriveClub was a racing game where you could choose from an incredible selection of real-world automobiles and automobile manufacturers. The developers must either seek an extension of these licences or take the game off the market after they expire.

Why then did the DriveClub creators not try to renew their licences? Simple: Their studio had been shut down is the answer to this. Just two years after DriveClub’s launch, the Evolution Studios team that created it was dissolved. There was therefore virtually no incentive to pursue licence extension talks.

Is There a Way to Play DriveClub on PS5?

Due to DriveClub’s removal from the PlayStation Store, it can be challenging for some players to play it on a PS5. But as we previously mentioned, there are a few workarounds you may employ to play DriveClub on a PlayStation 5.

The first approach is the easiest. DriveClub had a formal physical release even though it is no longer available for digital purchase. The only requirement to play the game is to obtain a physical copy, in other words.

Surprisingly, it’s not particularly difficult to locate these actual copies. Even Amazon has them in stock as of the time this piece was being written. If you’re on the lookout, search any place that sells used PS4 games. There have even been instances of copies being discovered at establishments like GameStop and Best Buy.

Even if you can play the game with a physical copy, you won’t be able to use several features.

Any online functionality for DriveClub will not be available because the servers have been shut off. This also applies to any downloadable (DLC) components the game may have had. It will be a little trickier to use this DLC, if you choose to.

You’ll have to purchase a PSN account that is the owner of the DLC in order to gain access to it. Even if you cannot purchase stuff that has been taken off the PlayStation Store’s shopping list, you can re-download it if you already own it.

A few PSN accounts have digital versions of the game and the DLC available for purchase on Google and eBay. Normally, you have to speak with the vendor directly in order to purchase items.

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There is a way to get DriveClub on the PlayStation 5 FAQ:

Can you still download DriveClub?

DriveClub will no longer be available for download or purchase, but those who already possess it and its DLC can still play and download the game as long as the digital licences are linked to their account.

Can you still play DriveClub in 2022?

DriveClub’s servers were shut down in March 2021, and as a result, Rustchynsky informed fans that a sequel was extremely unlikely. He said that DriveClub, a Sony first-party game, is unlikely to ever receive PS5 improvements.

Can you play Driveclub offline?

In a statement, Sony said that all Driveclub games will be playable in single-player offline mode, while acknowledging that they, “have significant amounts of online gameplay.

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