Understanding & Fixing PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4)

If you are a PlayStation Network (PSN) user, you may encounter an error code that prevents you from accessing the online features or services of your console. One of these error codes is the PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4), which means that your PSN account has been temporarily suspended due to a violation of the terms of service or a security issue.

This report will explain the meaning, consequences, causes and solutions of this error code.

PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4) Meaning

The PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4) means that “Access to PSN has been temporarily suspended”. This means that the user’s account has been blocked or banned from using the PSN features or services for a certain period of time. This can happen due to various reasons, such as violating the terms of service, engaging in inappropriate or abusive behavior, cheating or hacking, or using unauthorized software or hardware.

The Consequences Of PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4)

The main consequence of the PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4) is that the user cannot sign in to their PSN account or use any of the online features or services that require a PSN connection. This includes playing online games, downloading or updating games or apps, accessing the PlayStation Store, using PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now, chatting with friends, streaming or sharing gameplay, and syncing trophies or data. The user may also lose access to their digital purchases or subscriptions until their account is restored.

Causes of PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4)

The PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4) is a result of a temporary suspension placed on the user’s PSN account due to non-compliance with the terms of service or a security breach. Several factors can contribute to this error, including:

  1. Inappropriate or offensive language, images, or messages utilized by the user during their online interactions with other players or PlayStation staff.
  2. Harassment, threats, bullying, discrimination, or impersonation of other players or PlayStation staff by the user.
  3. Sharing of account details with unauthorized individuals or utilizing multiple accounts to access PSN.
  4. Engaging in unfair practices such as cheating, hacking, exploiting glitches, using bots, modifying consoles or games, or employing unauthorized software or hardware to gain an unfair advantage in online games.
  5. Involvement in illicit activities such as piracy, fraud, phishing, scamming, or distributing malware through PSN.
  6. Violation of intellectual property rights belonging to PlayStation or third-party developers, including unauthorized copying, distribution, sale, or streaming of their games or content.
  7. Unauthorized attempts to access or tamper with the PSN servers or systems.

Should users encounter the PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4), it is important to address the underlying causes mentioned above in order to resolve the issue and reinstate full access to the PSN account.

How To Fix PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4)

The PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4) can be fixed by following these steps:

  1. Check if you can sign in to your PSN account from another device, such as a PC or a smartphone. If you can sign in from another device, your account is not suspended and the error may be due to a network issue. Try restarting your router and your console and check your internet connection settings.
  2. If you cannot sign in from another device, your account is temporarily suspended and you will receive an email from PlayStation with the details of your suspension. Check your email inbox and spam folder for the email and read it carefully to understand why your account was suspended and for how long.
  3. If you think your account was suspended by mistake or you want to appeal your suspension, you can contact PlayStation Support through their website1 or phone number. Be polite and respectful when contacting them and provide them with your account information and any evidence that supports your case.
  4. If your suspension is valid and you accept it, you will have to wait until your suspension period ends before you can access PSN again. During this time, you can still play offline games that do not require a PSN connection. You should also review the terms of service and the code of conduct and make sure you follow them in the future to avoid further suspensions.


The PS5 Error Code (WS-116330-4) is a serious error that indicates that the user’s PSN account has been temporarily suspended due to a violation of the terms of service or a security issue. This error prevents the user from using any of the online features or services that require a PSN connection and may also affect their digital purchases or subscriptions.

The user can fix this error by checking their email for the details of their suspension, contacting PlayStation Support if they want to appeal their suspension, or waiting until their suspension period ends before accessing PSN again. The user should also follow the terms of service and the code of conduct to avoid further suspensions in the future.

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