What Is Ext On A PS4 Controller?

When Sony unveiled the Dual Sense controller for the PlayStation 5 back in November of 2020, they truly made a major improvement.

Although 2020 was undoubtedly difficult, acquiring the PS5 towards the end of the year helped things begin to feel somewhat normal again, at least for me.

Although Sony needed to work out several flaws before the device was released, customers were most impressed by the controller.

However, this does not lessen how delightful the PS4 controller is. In actuality, there are numerous advantages to utilising it.

It is an excellent piece of gear that will last for many years.

The Dual Sense controller brought about a significant alteration, yet the controller remained largely same from the first PlayStation to the PS4.

The only things that were actually introduced throughout time are the touchpad and thumbsticks.

The Dual Shock controllers are generally simple to use. Almost everything is clearly marked and rather simple, with the exception of one small detail. I’m sure you’ve seen it.

that port, which is located below the PS button and in between the thumbsticks.

That’s right, that.

It is actually the EXT, which stands for “extension” in shortened form.

Even devoted players haven’t used or paid much attention to this enigmatic port over the years.

However, it is there and has a purpose.

What does that accomplish? Please allow me to educate you for a short while.

What Is Ext On PS4 Controller?

You can connect more devices to the EXT connector on the Dual Shock PS4 controller. You can connect a keyboard, headphones, extra trigger or thumb grips, a charging station port, or all of the above. This connector is situated below the touchpad and PS logo, between the two thumbsticks.

What purpose does the EXT port serve exactly?

What should be put in the EXT field on the PS4 controller?

How can you use the controller with a charging station, keyboard, headphones, or a headset? Is it really worth using this little port that gets overlooked so frequently?

Continue reading to find out more about the EXT’s features and the benefits of using it to improve gameplay.

What does EXT on PS4 controller mean?

Extension is designated by the acronym EXT.

You can plug in the cords from many external devices in this location.

You can connect in a keyboard, headphones or a headset, extra thumb or trigger grips, a USB-C cable, a keyboard, a charging station, or both.

Even others have mentioned utilising it to connect in the extension wire for their PlayStation VR.

Therefore, this tiny port has a lot of potential uses while being disregarded. The PS4 controller will simply slot into the charging station in this manner when everything is lined up perfectly.

Let’s examine several applications for this adaptable extension port.

How To Use It As a Charging Station

To use this port, which is all too frequently ignored. To charge your controller, try inserting it into a charging station.

You can use the charging station to charge multiple controllers simultaneously, unlike the USB-C cables that came with your controller.

This could be really helpful for those of you who play for extended periods of time or frequently invite people over to play.

This lessens the need for cords aplenty, and it is unquestionably the safer way for those of you with little children or animals that enjoy chewing on cords.

The controllers and charging station can be safely stored up on a desk or table while they are charging.

How To Add a Keyboard

Online, you’ve probably seen dedicated players pairing their controllers with miniature keyboards.

You might have questioned how they managed to plug in those little keyboards.

You now know that they made use of the EXT port.

This tiny keyboard will be useful if you don’t have a microphone or simply don’t want other players to be able to hear your voice when playing one of the numerous games that have a chat feature.

With the help of this tiny keyboard, you may type in-game messages.

You might use this keyboard, for instance, to swiftly message your team members in GTA Online.

Naturally, the buttons are really small, making it difficult to text on if you have large fingers.

And there is no autocorrect, so you will have to use the back function to correct typos.

How To Use Headphones Or a Headset

Both headphones and headsets can be connected using the EXT port.

You must use the EXT to connect your microphone headset or headphones if your device is an older model without Bluetooth.

You can buy wired headphones and headsets on eBay, Amazon, and other online stores, or from resellers on Facebook Marketplace, even though these aren’t typically produced for the mass market.

The EXT port, however, probably won’t work with Xbox-compatible headphones.

Is it worthwhile to utilize the EXT?

Even six or seven years ago, there weren’t as many applications for the EXT port as there are today.

The development of Bluetooth technology has led to the widespread adoption of wireless accessories.

Unfortunately, the EXT port’s usefulness has diminished, and nowadays, the majority of people simply ignore its existence.

Does EXT work with PlayStation VR?

I’ve only heard folks mention connecting a PSVR extension adapter to the controller’s EXT connector.

You can give it a shot and see if it works, but most users prefer the more conventional method of utilising the USB cable to attach to the processing unit’s back.

Closing Thoughts

In terms of the Dual Shock controllers, the EXT port is likely to always be one of the more neglected features.

It did have some use for a while.

But now that Bluetooth is so popular, it seems a little pointless.

No matter if you’re connecting in an outdated mini-keyboard or a pair of wired headphones you’ve had lying around for a while, you can still find uses for it.

It will still work as intended and isn’t completely useless.

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What Is Ext On A PS4 Controller FAQ:

What is ext cable for?

Three different kinds of external devices can be connected to the PS4 Controller’s EXT port, which functions as a proprietary USB 2 connector.

Can you plug an EXT?

When not in use, extension cords should not be left connected into wall sockets. They are only intended for short-term use. Despite not having a cord, this connects into a wall socket and is referred to as a power strip. Do not connect a power strip or extension wire to it.

Are extended outlets safe?

A typical and practical method of providing electricity to electrical equipment is through extension cords. However, if not handled properly, they might cause fires and endanger your personal safety.

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